Subversive Co.


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Young people today are acclimated to insulting labels such as materialistic and consumerist. But truly, we are an empathetic and accepting generation that feels lost and degraded by the political world that was left for us. Feeling anxious and hopeless, the material world is the only comforting and consistent aspect of otherwise jaded lives.

Colliding the worlds of materialism and politics will make current issues more manageable and accessible. There needs to be an outlet to assess and express values without played-out messaging and imagery—something that captures the feelings and aesthetics of this very surreal and specific place in time. So I set out to design a comprehensive product, brand, and marketing strategy that encapsulated these needs.

Subversive is a contemporary streetwear brand born from millennial cynicism and alternative subculture. We believe we define ourselves by what we are attached to, so we strive to make garments that tackle the issues and emotions so many of us face in today’s political and social climate. Comfortable in ambiguity, we realize not everything has to be resolved. Rather, our garments serve as catharses and starting points for conversation and reform.

Subversive is a fusion of politics, apathy, and experimental identity. We are not for everyone. We make a statement. We induce conversation. We work towards change.

Process book available upon request.

Presentation available here.