Don’t Look at Me: Zine


Strategy, Editorial, Zine


Don’t Look at Me is a zine that confronts the feelings and effects of paranoia in a modern, technical world. The project was created for an assignment at MassArt, which called for the creation of a zine in which the designer was creator of all written and graphic content. I was really interested in appropriating  the do-it-yourself and punk-rooted nature of the zine format to express something dark, edgy, and unrefined. When word and image are combined, the project serves a synthesization and catharsis of modern anxieties. Imagery is crude and rough, fitting both the traditional nature of a zine as well as the anxiety and uncertainness evoked by the material.

Don’t Look at Me was the project that really helped me get back in tune with my personal design aesthetic and the type of strange, dark content I’ve always had interest in. I was able to finally take a step away from popular, standard design practices. It also served as a personal catharsis and a way to clear my mind of any anxieties--relating to design or otherwise.